As-salamu alaykum and welcome to IslamicSearch.com, a newly created Islamic search engine and blog. I’ve just gotten started and building this search engine will be an ongoing process Insha’Allah.

After one too many experiences searching for Islamic information on the web and finding anti-Islamic websites, or searching for Islamic images and finding images that demean and mock Muslims, I decided it was time for a search engine that would would focus on websites providing legitimate, authentic Islamic information, and positive Islamic images.

I also want to provide objective reviews of Islamic websites. In most cases these will Insha’Allah be positive reviews, pointing the way to some of the best Islamic resources. At times, I might review a website negatively with the intention of pointing a path to improvement.

I hope that one day the search engine will allow searches of the broader world wide web, but will filter out inappropriate websites, allowing the Muslim to search with confidence and comfort. It will be a “halal search engine” that parents can allow their children to use without worry. I won’t be able to make that happen without an investor, however. If you’re interested, contact me.


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