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Name: Wael Abdelgawad
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Nov 16

Cannot recommend the Ummah1 Forum

Ummah1 was founded last year, and I was one of the early members, having joined in January 2009. The website grew to almost 3,000 members, predominantly African-American, but also with a scattering of members of other ethnicities and nationalities. Members share personal photos and Islamic videos, make friends, and discuss Islamic issues through the forum.

At first I enjoyed my time on the site and made frequent use of the forum. I also connected with a few old friends who happened to join the site.

However, the forum on Ummah1 is unmoderated, and in the last few months it has become an acrimonious and unhealthy place.

Nov 15

New Zawaj.com Sneak Preview

The redevelopment of the Zawaj.com Muslim Matrimonials website is coming along, and as a special treat only for readers of IslamicSearch.com, here’s a preview of the new website. That second link is a test site only, so don’t bookmark that URL. What do you think of the new look?

I think it’s quite lovely, though the search box at top center needs a little work, and there’s a bit of wasted space in the bottom right of the Featured Post area. I’m looking forward to the official debut of the new website.

Nov 14

Invitation to Web Developers

I would like to invite interested web developers to collaborate with me in building this Islamic search engine. In return I will offer a generous percentage of revenues for a fixed period of time, Insha’Allah. I’m looking for a qualified web development company that can help with the following: Developing a filter that will utilize …

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Nov 13

IslamicSearch.com Islamic Search Engine

As-salamu alaykum and welcome to IslamicSearch.com, a newly created Islamic search engine. I’ve just gotten started and building this search engine will be an ongoing process Insha’Allah.

After one too many experiences searching for Islamic information on the web and finding anti-Islamic websites, or searching for Islamic images and finding images that demean and mock Muslims, I decided it was time for a search engine that would would focus on websites providing legitimate, authentic Islamic information, and positive Islamic images.

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