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Aug 29

Profound writing at New Islamic Directions, even though it does not allow comments

Imam Zaid Shakir

I am a big fan of Imam Zaid Shakir. I find him to be knowledgeable in a relevant way, and still very humble and sincere, may Allah aid him and preserve him. He is now publishing some of his writing at his website, New Islamic Directions.

Jul 29, an important service and an attractive website

I don’t think there is anything else on the web like There are several good fatwa websites, but IslamicAnswers.comis the only one in which a staff of lay people armed only with common sense and experience dole out common-sense advice on every imaginable type of family, marriage, parenting, or relationship issue. Some of the problems people bring to the website are quite shocking. Adultery, drug use, abortions, lies and abuse. The editors reply to each one with compassion, and sometimes indignation.

Feb 24

New Websites: Islam is Life, and Islamic Sunrays logo

I recently completed two new websites, one for a client, and one for myself. The website I built for myself is I built this site in order to express some ideas I have about finding hope and inspiration in Islam. I write from the heart, sharing the lessons I’ve learned and the positive messages that I derive from Islam. Please visit it.

Nov 15

New Sneak Preview

The redevelopment of the Muslim Matrimonials website is coming along, and as a special treat only for readers of, here’s a preview of the new website. That second link is a test site only, so don’t bookmark that URL. What do you think of the new look?

I think it’s quite lovely, though the search box at top center needs a little work, and there’s a bit of wasted space in the bottom right of the Featured Post area. I’m looking forward to the official debut of the new website.