Apr 15

Khaleafa.com: the Islamic Approach to Environmentalism

Leaves and light

Khaleafa.com examines the Islamic view of environmentalism.

Muaz Nasir’s new blog called Khaleafa.com is focusing attention on the Islamic approach to environmentalism.  Nasir is a Muslim Canadian environmentalist living in Toronto. He has a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies, and works for the City of Toronto, promoting water efficiency and conservation initiatives for Toronto Water.

Nasir explains on his website that:

“The term ‘Khaleafa’  is the Arabic term for steward and represents the sacred responsibility that has been bestowed upon us by Allah. The concept of stewardship is the inspiration of this project and has formed for the foundation for discussion of the environmental ideals already present within the Islamic faith. The goal of this website is to reignite the discourse surrounding the Islamic approach to environmentalism and to draw upon the essence of these teachings, emphasizing the movement from a Canadian perspective.”

Recent articles on Khaleafa.com have included an explanation of sustainable energy; a look at the Prophet’s (sws) simple diet; and the importance of water in Islamic teaching.

I’m personally deeply concerned about the environmental legacy we are leaving to our children. Our food sources are often tainted and suspect; our wildernesses are disappearing; and some of earth’s most beautiful and exotic animals are on the verge of extinction (or already gone).

So I am gratified to see Muslims focusing attention on this vitally important subject.

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