Nov 17

Islamic Website Awards

Nominations for the Islamic Website Awards are invited

Nominations for the Islamic Website Awards are invited

2Muslims.com used to give gold, silver and bronze awards to quality Islamic websites, but for some reason they discontinued it in 2007.

I think it’s time to restart an Islamic website awards program. IslamicSearch.com will be giving a monthly award to one selected Islamic website. For now the award will consist of recognition only, but in the future I would like to add a cash prize, Insha’Allah. I would need sponsors for that and I invite any interested parties to contact me, or comment on this post.

I would also like to invite readers to submit your choices for the best Islamic website in any of the following categories:

    • Quran
    • General Islamic website or portal
    • Islamic knowledge, including Fiqh, Sunnah, Aqeedah, etc.
    • Islamic discussion forums
    • Da’wah and information for Muslim converts
    • Islamic social network
    • Muslim blog
    • Muslim marriage or matchmaking website
    • Islamic advice or questions-and-answers
    • News about Islam and the Muslim world
    • Best new Islamic website (for sites created in this calendar year)

Did I miss any categories? Please let me know.

The first award will be given at the end of December Insha’Allah.



    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Please consider my Site http://www.dr-umar-azam.com for your award. JazakAllah.

  2. SAJ

    Please consider this site. It is doing something very similar to what you have advertised for. In any case I would appreciate your views and comments on site design etc.

  3. SAJ

    Oops, the site is http://www.musulman.co.uk. You can also download and test the toolbar.


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