Feb 24

New Websites: Islam is Life, and Islamic Sunrays

IslamicSunrays.com logo

IslamicSunrays.com: finding hope and inspiration in Islam

I recently completed two new websites, one for a client, and one for myself. The website I built for the client is IslamIsLife.org. It is a da’wah website, intended to provide basic information on Islam for non-Muslims and also for new converts, and to address timely issues regarding Muslims.

(By the way, I am available for hire for any web development work you may need, whether building a new website or improving an existing one).

The website I built for myself is IslamicSunrays.com. I built this site in order to express some ideas I have about finding hope and inspiration in Islam. I write from the heart, sharing the lessons I’ve learned and the positive messages that I derive from Islam. Please visit it.

IslamicSunrays.com also has a Facebook pageSo if you have a Facebook account, please become a fan.

Alhamdulillah, I’m also pleased with the evolution of Zawaj.com Muslim Matrimonial Service, and IslamicAnswers.com. I feel that both of them are on a good track, and doing a good service to the community Insha’Allah. I hope to see readership and participation continually increase.

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