Aug 29

Profound writing at New Islamic Directions, even though it does not allow comments

Imam Zaid Shakir

I am a big fan of Imam Zaid Shakir. I find him to be classically knowledgeable in ways that are highly relevant to modern life, and still very humble and sincere. May Allah aid him and preserve him. He is now publishing some of his writing at his website, New Islamic Directions. Click on the “blog” link at the top to read his writings. Here’s an excerpt from a poem he published on August 10, 2010:

As we stand on the verge of beginning the great fast,
let us pray that the blessings we enjoy are decreed to last.

Let us pray for the people, who have lost their homes, fields and cattle in the flood,
that they are patient and see their sins washed away by torrents of forgiveness and divine love.

Looking at the website just now I see there are some new pieces that I have not read yet. But I’ve read his piece titled “A Higher Ground for Our Marriages”, and I think it is a must-read for every married Muslim. I read “Graveyard Detroit” and was impressed by the historical context in which Imam Zaid framed the murder of Imam Luqman Abdullah. You really can’t go wrong reading Imam Zaid’s work. He will educate and enlighten you.

I like the color and look of the website as well. It’s a good showcase for Imam Zaid’s work. My only real complaint is that although there is a comment link at the bottom of each post, none of the comments appear. When you click on the comment link you get a form to fill out your comment, then when you submit the comment you get a message saying that the comment will be published after review.

However, no comments are published. It can’t be only my comments that are denied, because none of the posts have any published comments. So why waste our time? Why let us sit there typing out our comments, and letting us believe they are being reviewed? It’s annoying. To compound matters, there is a form to submit feedback about the website. I wrote to complain about comments being published, and received no response.

Imam Zaid himself is a generous soul, a great thinker ma-sha-Allah, and an important Muslim American leader. Whoever is managing his website is not doing him justice in their handling of reader comments.

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  1. IslamicSearch.com

    Update: it seems that comments are being published now at NewIslamicDirections.com, but they are not being filtered. Most of them are spam. What a shame.

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