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Feb 10

Online Muslim Resources – an Islamic Website Review Service

Online Muslim Resources

There are so many Islamic websites now that it’s hard to know what’s worth your time. That’s where Online Muslim Resources comes in.

Dec 08

Masjid Fresno Website: Mistakes to Avoid


When I talk to people at the mosque and they find out I’m a web developer, they often complain to me about the mosque’s website. They say that it’s too cluttered, difficult to navigate, and generally not useful. One person told me that the Imam pays a web development company $400 per month to maintain the site, and has rejected offers from Muslim students to do it free of charge.

As far as appearance and navigation, they are right. The Masjid Fresno website is a case in point of what not to do as far as design and usability.

Nov 16

Cannot recommend the Ummah1 Forum

Ummah1 was founded last year, and I was one of the early members, having joined in January 2009. The website grew to almost 3,000 members, predominantly African-American, but also with a scattering of members of other ethnicities and nationalities. Members share personal photos and Islamic videos, make friends, and discuss Islamic issues through the forum.

At first I enjoyed my time on the site and made frequent use of the forum. I also connected with a few old friends who happened to join the site.

However, the forum on Ummah1 is unmoderated, and in the last few months it has become an acrimonious and unhealthy place.