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Feb 24

New Websites: Islam is Life, and Islamic Sunrays

IslamicSunrays.com logo

I recently completed two new websites, one for a client, and one for myself. The website I built for myself is IslamicSunrays.com. I built this site in order to express some ideas I have about finding hope and inspiration in Islam. I write from the heart, sharing the lessons I’ve learned and the positive messages that I derive from Islam. Please visit it.

Nov 15

New Zawaj.com Sneak Preview

The redevelopment of the Zawaj.com Muslim Matrimonials website is coming along, and as a special treat only for readers of IslamicSearch.com, here’s a preview of the new website. That second link is a test site only, so don’t bookmark that URL. What do you think of the new look?

I think it’s quite lovely, though the search box at top center needs a little work, and there’s a bit of wasted space in the bottom right of the Featured Post area. I’m looking forward to the official debut of the new website.